1. Introduction and Start of Session
  2. Start of Presentation
  3. Start of Q&A
  4. Question on secondary school provision
  5. Question regarding ecology
  6. Question regarding transport on A249
  7. Question on highways impact
  8. Question regarding carbon emissions
  9. Question on renewable energy
  10. Question on new village hall
  11. Additional information on new village hall
  12. Question on new shops and Kemsley train station
  13. Question on highways
  14. Question on farmland retention
  15. Question to project team on transport
  16. Question about site allocation
  17. Question on construction phase schedule
  18. Question on flood risk
  19. Question on B006 and cycle lanes
  20. Question on village hall network
  21. Question about tenants on site
  22. Question on measuing traffic impact
  23. Question on housing of EU migrants
  24. Question on provision of housing for young people
  25. Question on impact of development on views of loca
  26. Question on infrastructure development
  27. Question on egagement with Bobbing Parish council
  28. Question on flood risk
  29. Question on emergency services access
  30. Question on need for development
  31. Questions on affordable housing
  32. Question on local traffic movements
  33. Question on whether the houses are for locals
  34. Question on site allocation in Local Plan
  35. Question on size of the development
  36. Comments on vehicle movements
  37. Closing comments and how to provide feedback
  38. End